Android & Desktop Apps Projects

Purchasing System for SATS Lounge:

  • I have developed a purchasing system consisting of an Android App that is used to record every transaction happening in the SATS Lounge. The system was also used to store the amounts requested by every member and the total amounts they consumed of each product. The system used a number of google sheets for data storage and the information was retrieved by the google sheets query (very similar to SQL).

Proctoring App Project (Staff's version):

  • I have developed a mobile application dedicated for proctoring to assist the lecturers and TAs when looking up information about their exams, such as proctors assigned, exam rooms, date and time , .. ,etc. The app is a continue of the proctoring system in our school that I have implemented using google sheets and google forms. The app basically feeds from a google sheet that I use as a data base to retrieve the information required.

Proctoring App Project (student's version):

  • Similar to the Staff's version, but dedicated for students.

Automated Measurements Report (Excel Sheet Based using VBA):

  • I have Automated one of the reports used in the Engineering Workshop course using Excel Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to ease the grading procedure by making it automated and accurate. The application allow students to submit their readings into a form, then grades them according to an answer embedded in excel. The application takes a snapshot of each student submission to save it as evidence and saves their grades as well.